Getting Ready For My Future

Being a sophomore in college means I pretty much think about my future everyday and then worry myself almost to death that I will go no where in life. Yay! But on days where I do think that I will make something out of myself I really try hard to know exactly what I want…

Dream Duet

Imagine Ed Sheeran and Adele in the same room singing the same song. That’s my dream. Both of their voices are so soothing. They also have similar personalities and work ethics. Someone please get these two together! While thinking about having these two sing ┬átogether, I tried to Google them together and nothing came up….

Concert LookBook

Music was my first love. Ever since I was little I’ve always had a passion for it. As I’ve grown up though I’ve come to love fashion almost as much. Picking out an outfit for a concert is almost as fun to me as going to the concert itself. So I thought why not make…

Best Concerts of 2016

With it now being 2017 I thought it would be fun to look back on the top concerts of 2016. A lot of new music came out last year which means a lot of tours needed to happen to promote them. You never know what a tour will be like until you get to it….

Googling myself?!

While you may not take into consideration that your future employer can read every tweet of yours back to your goth phase in 2010.. you may want to start. It’s a hard bullet to swallow, but you may need to go through and delete some of your “funny” comments to your friends. Just because you…