Googling myself?!

While you may not take into consideration that your future employer can read every tweet of yours back to your goth phase in 2010.. you may want to start. It’s a hard bullet to swallow, but you may need to go through and delete some of your “funny” comments to your friends. Just because you think they’re funny your future employer might not.

I recently did a basic Google search on myself just to see what would pop up. I never knew so many Jessica Kline‘s existed. It was a blow to my ego that I wasn’t the only one out there in the world and all of these other people were hogging up my space on the Google search!

Recently in one of my classes we were talking about the importance of social media to employers and for the public relations field. My Google search did not show that I would be getting far with either if I didn’t do something immediately. I have lots of plans for the future and getting my name out there is the first step.

Brand Yourself is a website that goes through all of the top Google searches under your name. You then have to go through and decide if they are negative or positive links or just not you at all. It gives you score after going through this on how you yourself as a brand is being ranked on Google.

Thanks to all of these other “Jessica Kline’s” my search score turned out to be a ‘C’.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 10.32.17 AM.png

Kline, Jessica. (31 January, 2017). Screenshot of computer screen. Retrieved from

With the help of Brand Yourself, I was able to boost my grade a little bit and get my profiles higher up when searched. It went through all of my posts that would’ve been negative to people and showed me how to properly set up my Twitter and Facebook profiles for better search results. Although I used the free version which only allows a little bit of insight it was still enough to get me started. I deleted some past posts, added a better bio and even set part of my location.

This is a great tool to use for students looking for internships or jobs out of college. Trust me that post you put up while under the influence may be funny to your friends in the morning, but it may not be as funny when you don’t get your dream job because of it. A job can last a lifetime and you don’t need one post to mess it up.



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  1. I love how you mentioned your goth phase back in 2010! As I was using BrandYourself I noticed the same thing about me and was thinking the exact same thing! Thankfully there are websites like this one that allow us to take back a little bit of control of our online presence! I’m sure the work you did on your social media sites increased your Google results to be more apparent and positive!!


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