Best Concerts of 2016

With it now being 2017 I thought it would be fun to look back on the top concerts of 2016. A lot of new music came out last year which means a lot of tours needed to happen to promote them. You never know what a tour will be like until you get to it. You can read all the reviews on it you want, but it turns out to be a different experience for everyone.

Below is a small infographic that I made at Piktochart of the top 5 concerts of 2016 according to Billboard! It keeps the concerts in order and is a good visual. Billboard is one of my favorite sites to go on. They have lots of content on concerts, new music, and have all of the charts for the top songs. The top 5 concerts below are based mostly on how much the tour made, but they were also rated.


I can’t wait to see who goes on tour this year. Summer tours are about to be announced for a lot of artists so it’s time to start saving! What concert/festival are you looking forward to going to this year?! I’m personally excited to see the Weekend!


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