Dream Duet

Imagine Ed Sheeran and Adele in the same room singing the same song. That’s my dream. Both of their voices are so soothing. They also have similar personalities and work ethics. Someone please get these two together!

While thinking about having these two sing  together, I tried to Google them together and nothing came up. So I decided to make this dream duo a reality with the help of some photoshop. Below is the picture of Adele and Ed Sheeran finally performing together. finaledandadele-copy

I never realized how hard photoshop was. You have to embed pictures, make sure all of the colors line up, and cut out the background. I am not cut out for the profession, that’s for sure. But it was still fun! I used a free 7 day trial if you want to give it a go!

Right below are the two pictures that I used. I left Adele’s completely alone until I put Ed in there. For Ed’s picture I had to cut out the background. I then embedded him into the Adele file. I used a color correcting tool to make the area around him darker. His stage was very lit while Adele’s wasn’t. Once it looked like he was actually onstage with her I changed the filter to black and white to make it all blend together more. In my photoshop picture Ed is a little smaller than Adele and that kind of bugs me. Just pretend that he’s like 10 feet behind her or that she’s on a platform!


We can only hope that this duet happens in the near future. I mean these two would make millions off of it so why haven’t they done it yet?! While we wait though, I make a monthly Spotify playlist and both of them usually pop up in it. Maybe just listen to them one right after the other and you’ll get the same affect?



JT, Ed Sheeran + Lily Allen Rock V Festival (2014, August 18). In Live Nation. Retrieved                               February 25, 2017, from http://onenation.livenation.com/blog/jt-ed-                                        Sheeran-plus-lily-allen-rock-v-festival

Cattermole, G. (2016, March 16). In Getty Images. Retrieved February 25, 2017, from                                           http://www.newsweek.com/watch-adele-helps-couple-celebrate-                                               engagement-stage-437353

(The last picture was from a photographer Gareth Cattermole, but I couldn’t find his direct upload so I linked to where I originally saw the picture.)


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