Getting Ready For My Future

Being a sophomore in college means I pretty much think about my future everyday and then worry myself almost to death that I will go no where in life. Yay! But on days where I do think that I will make something out of myself I really try hard to know exactly what I want to do.

On this day in particular, I really thought I could go somewhere in life and there also happened to be a career fair that day. So I decided to put my best foot forward and go see what it was like. This was my first career fair so I didn’t know what to expect. I went just to look around and get a feel for the whole thing. This career fair was put on by Grand Valley State University and held in downtown Grand Rapids.

As I walked in I noticed everyone was in suits and nice skirts with heels. I was dressed up, but still underdressed I thought.

*Note to self: wear a skirt and button up shirt next time to look more                                                                      professional

I was intimidated immediately, but I reminded myself that I was just going to get a feel for the event so I would be prepared for next time. I brought my resume just in case and to look like I belonged.

I walked into the convention center and noticed the separate aisles. On the end their was the medical one which I knew I needed to stay far away from and every other aisle was divided, but I could talk to those people only because of my major. Advertising and Public relations play a part in every field of work and you never know what company could hire you for a job.

There were many GR based companies that had booths. Those also had the longest lines. I would recommend that if you’re going for a company based in the town of the career fair to get there early. I went about an hour into the event and most lines had about 20 people waiting. I’m personally not looking to stay in Grand Rapids so I went to some of the booths where they had more national opportunities.

I tried to stay out of the way of those that were really trying to get an opportunity at this event. I knew my time would come and I was not prepared to sell myself quite yet. Although I did talk to a couple of companies that did not have anyone at their booth as I wandered by. Most were excited to see me getting a feel for the event and not coming in blind when I really needed a job. They also gave me a few tips to help me talk to the employers and to know what the company stood for and was about before I came to talk to them. They all said they had quite a few people who wanted a job for them, but also new nothing about the company which annoyed them. I also walked away with a free water bottle and a couple of pens!

Overall this experience was eye opening. I realized that I really need to start to focus on my future and work on getting myself some more opportunities to put on my resume. At the next career fair in the fall I will be fully prepared to go get that internship. Going to this event really started a fire within me to put myself out there more and start advocating for myself in order to make my dreams a reality.

Also, if you happen to be a Grand Valley student reading this there is another career fair coming up for summer jobs!


This is me at the career fair! I didn’t want to take one by the employers so they wouldn’t remember me as the girl that was taking selfies!


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