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When I started this blog my first thought was how is anyone going to even find it?! I was worried that I would be putting my heart into these posts only for me to be the only one reading them. Once I got past that fear though I learned of a tool called Ads Keywords powered through Google. It is now this blog’s new BFF! It helps to show words that will give you the ultimate head start when someone Googles a word related to your blog.

Music is my passion, which is why I did create this blog. I would love to turn it into a career through either music marketing or music promotions. The feeling of a hearing a new song by my favorite artist or band is a feeling I want everyone to be able to have. I find a lot of my new music through internet radio sites like Spotify or Pandora Radio. Spotify even has some exclusive deluxe versions of new cd releases. This is an awesome feature for both people who really want to find new music and music lovers already.

I really hope with the help of Google Ad Keywords that music lovers will find this blog. A community where we could all just love music together is exactly what I wanted to create and I was having a little trouble with it. Below is a picture of what your results could look like if you want to try to keyword your blog or website!

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 7.54.27 PM

Kline, J. (16 March, 2017). Google ad keywords search [JPEG]. Retrieved from


Keywords and monthly searches 

Music-                        1M-10M

Internet radio-       100K-1M

Music promotion-     1K-10K

Music marketing-    1K-10K

Album reviews-        1K-10K

New CD releases-     1K-10K

Music news-             10K-100K

Music-                       1M-10M

Pop music-                10K-100K

New songs-               100K-1M


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  1. That is really cool that your words have high monthly search but low competition! And I love the voice you used in your blog, it is really effective as a reader! I hope AdWords works for you and you get more viewers!

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  2. I was also wondering who would see my blog outside of our class. I’m glad we got an assignment that might lead to more people seeing our posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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