Another Attempt to Prepare for my Future!

And here we go again. As you can see from the title I had another day of trying to get myself to go somewhere after college! This time it was a little less intimidating and I wasn’t quite as nervous.

I’m taking a basic intro class to hospitality and tourism management. I have to take some other classes outside of my field just to find other careers that could pull my major into it. Tourism interests me because really I just love to be a tourist, but this class lets me see what goes into how to attract tourists and what companies to do to create a fun atmosphere to visit!

My professor emailed us a couple of days ago to inform us of this networking event! It was held on the downtown GVSU Pew Campus. It was very small and informal event. It gave everyone a chance to talk to employers in a casual way.

Even though this wasn’t necessarily meant for my major there were still a lot of companies that I could create a relationship with. I’m trying to take every opportunity that Grand Valley gives to me the next couple of years to network which they do offer a lot. Everyone at the event was very kind and were happy to talk to me even though I wasn’t going to school to get a job like theirs.

I went pretty early at 10:15 right after it started. I talked to the Whitecaps for a long time which is the minor league baseball team in Grand Rapids. They told me a lot about the internship opportunities that they have. They have a lot of cool opportunities to try to be apart of which I am definitely going to look into more for next summer!

Overall this experience was a lot less intimidating then the last one! I say this attempt was a success! If you haven’t decided on your major or even if you have, I would recommend taking classes for other majors just to see what they have to offer. You never know what networking opportunity you may get offered!

Grand Valley State University does offer a lot of cool networking events and tips that I highly encourage everyone to look into!

IMG_2395      Here’s another picture of me at the event!


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