Make Them Remember You

If you’re in college you know how daunting it can be to find an internship. If you’re not in college yet then the anxiety is yet to come. I’ve been going back and forth on internships from wanting something that I will enjoy to something that will just get me the experience I need to be able to say I have. Either way I need an internship and one of the most important pieces of advice I ever got was to “make people remember you”.

So I made a business card! It was really quite simple and I recommend that everyone does it. I created mine on InDesign. I did not use a template for mine, but I do recommend using one because it would be a lot easier and quicker! I went on Pinterest for inspiration and there were some really cool ideas along with some sites for free templates. Going through this process actually made me more confident for future interviews.  I wanted to be able to hand something to the employer other than my resume and this was perfect.

This first picture is the front of the card and then the second picture is the back of the card. My personal branding was important to put on the card that is why I did the black circle with my initials in it. That is also the logo for my blog so it has a continuation for them to be able to go back and forth between blog and business card to help them remember. I wanted to keep it simple and clean with the black and white theme. Overall I really like out it turned out. It’s helping me feel more professional and ready to take on some interviews!

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 6.17.17 PM

Kline, J. (4 April 2017). Screenshot from InDesign [PNG].


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