Dream Jobs

I am so over school. I also know that I have to finish in order to get my dream job. I want to leave this town and go somewhere new and exciting! I’ll just have to keep dreaming for at least two more years though. Sometimes I like to look up jobs that I would be interested in when I’m done with school. Lately I’ve been doing it a lot more. Most people like to look at where they could end up in 15 years, but I like to stay near the jobs that maybe I could get within my first couple of years of graduating.

Below is a list of five jobs that I found interesting! I really want to get into the music industry. It’s been my dream ever since I can remember so thats what most of these jobs are! I found these jobs through Indeed, LinkedIn, and Beyond.com.  They’re really easy sites to use and can help you find jobs you didn’t even know exist!

Promotions Assistant at iHeart Media


1-3 years experience in outdoor promotions/ customer service

Advanced skills in Microsoft office, Photoshop, and social media platforms

Business writing skills


Executive Assistant to EVP of Publicity and Promotions at CBS Films


2 years assistant experience

Oversee websites and publicity sites


Associate Media Manager at Ticketmaster


1+ years of relevant experience in marketing, sales, or campaign management roles

Strong analytics skills


Talent and Influencer Coordinator at the Marketing Arm


Computer Savvy: internet savvy and knowledge of Microsoft Office products (excel, word, Keynote, powerpoint, outlook, etc.)

Degree in marketing, advertising, journalism, communications or related

Pop culture enthusiast


Marketing Apprentice at Ticketmaster


Advanced Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint skills

Self-starter and independent working style

Communication both orally and in writing


I know I have still have a lot of time before I can start applying for these jobs, but these companies do have some internships that are really interesting! I’m going to have to do more research into them, but hey you have to be able to dream right? Internships are the key to getting experience. All of the jobs above need some sort of experience which many students right out of school will not have unless they have had internships. Luckily for me, my school requires me to get an internship so it gives me a little more incentive to go get one. If your school does not require you too though, you should still look into some just for the experience and to be able to put it on your resume.


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