Keeping Up with Social Media

The Kardashians. Don’t click away yet! I know most people hate them, but really they are brilliant in my opinion. They know how to use social media to their advantage and have made an empire because of it. Kim alone has over 148 million followers on just Twitter and Instagram. That doesn’t include her snapchat which she updates regularly also. Kylie Jenner has been deemed the queen of Snapchat on multiple occasions. Kendall Jenner had the most liked Instagram picture in 2015. They know how to use this technology to their advantage. And I know you wish you could make that much money off of your Instagram picture because who wouldn’t?

One of the main ways that they use social media is one interacting with their fans and two updating regularly. While I have no fans to interact with I can update my social media regularly.  My biggest challenge though is coming up with tweets that people would be interested in. I feel like I live such a boring life that no one wants to see that on the internet. But then I heard about TweetDeck! This is a way for me to schedule tweets so when I’m busy and forget then they’ll always be ready to go. Or when I get many creative tweet ideas in my head I can stock up on all of the ideas.

Even though I don’t have anyone that is probably actively looking for my tweets, it is important to keep all of profiles updated. I have to stay relevant somehow even if it’s only in my mind! Below are a couple of tweets that I have scheduled if you want to keep an eye out for them! Also shameless plug, but follow me on my social media accounts! (the links are at the bottom of the page!)


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