My Love/Hate Relationship With Technology

Technology. Hate it or love it, you’re gonna have to use it. This semester has shown me how to use technology to all of its advantages. There have been many times that I have almost thrown my computer out the window like when Excel crashed on me at midnight the night before a project was due or when my layers on Photoshop wouldn’t work together for some unknown reason or when I failed the Google Analytics exam 5 times. Even with all of these fails, I still need technology and honestly I depend on it even if I don’t want to admit it. In the end though, I’m happy I got to learn all of these different programs. They’re definitely going to help with my future.

My last fail included Google Analytics and let me tell you this course is no joke! When I started the process I thought this would be no problem. Oh but no. This involves about 3 hours of videos to practice before the exam. Each course involves an assessment that you must pass. It really helps if you pause to take notes during the video because the teachers talk really fast. There also a ton of blog posts and study tips to help you get through the test.

I didn’t really know what the point of Google Analytics was and why I would even need the certification. After taking the course though I learned a lot of useful information. It shows you how to use this technology for your own website or business website and how to create more interactions. It gives you the technology to follow the interactions users make and how to create more with different ads. This certification also looks great on resumes! I’m excited to put it on mine when I start to send them out for internships this fall!

Certificate for passing all of the video assessments.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 3.49.02 PM

Kline, J. (26 April 2017). Screenshot of Google Analytics for Beginners certificate [JPEG]. Retrieved from

I’ve really been trying to get this blog up and running smoothly. I want my personal brand to be all about music and show my passion for it. It has been such a central point in my life that has gotten me through a lot. I really want to get all of this technology down so I can advance myself further into the industry. I’ll know this all wasn’t for nothing if one day I can get a job promoting/marketing a band. I can show my skills with all of these applications and they’ll know that I can do the job.

Technology really teaches you patience. I’ve got a lot more after this past semester, but I wouldn’t trade it. Everything I’ve learned while practicing with all of this technology will never hurt me in the future, maybe lower my sanity a little, but will only boost me further in my career path. Technology is a blessing in disguise and I’m very thankful that I get the opportunity to use it!


Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 12.35.02 AM

Kline, J. (26 April 2017). Screenshot of Analytics Certification [JPEG]. Retrieved from;cert=3


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